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About Us

Welcome to the Official Macklemore and Ryan Lewis merchandise store!

We truly appreciate your business.  We strive to put our customers, the fans, and the families of our fans first.  The following includes some information about our store and our products.  If you have additional questions that are unanswered please do not hesitate to contact us at 


If you have a question about a return or exchange please email us at and we will walk you through your options. 


We love receiving fan mail! The best email address for sending this is


If you have physical mail you would like to share please send to the following PO Box that gets checked weekly. 

Macklemore LLC // PO Box 19784 // Seattle, WA 98109


Who Are We?

We are a small, independent LLC that was started in 2010 by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.  Our merchandise is handled by product manager, Jackie Ganger, as well as one or two interns.  In early 2012 we launched our merchandise site with Shopify to bring increased accountability to our shipping and tracking.  We are eager to hear ways that we can improve our store and encourage you to give us feedback at

Jackie Ganger // Merchandising Manager //


Our Goods

We believe in supporting independent artists and local companies and have used this simple philosophy in our merchandise design and execution.  We print our designs locally and over the years have collaborated with many different friends and designers.  

Sean Barton, a professional sign painter, from Seattle, has contributed to three of our designs.  He drew the font for the iconic "My City's Filthy Seattle" design as well as our classic "Macklemore & Ryan Lewis" logo design.  He also designed our "Irish Celebration" t-shirt.  Check out his website below for information on his company. 

Jenna DeRosa, a Brooklyn based clothing designer, designed the "Shark Face Gang" line. She also drew the illustrations used on our website background.  Check out her website below to view her original work.  

Toron Smith, a graphic artist at Seattle's Ebbet's Field Flannels, designed our newest "Logo" cloth and accessories line. 


Inner City Empire -

Sean Barton Signs

Jenna DeRosa

Toron Smith




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